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Klaus Richter, special book
"Computergrafik und Farbmetrik - Farbsysteme, PostScript und geräteunabhängige CIE-Farben"
(Computer graphics and colorimetry - Colour order systems, PostScript and device independent CIE-Colours)

Remark: the book and the figures are available on the CD-ROM in German only. For free download of the 548 figures with english text in the internet see later.

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Order of the book "Colour and Colour Vision (2012)" in English and German, see colorO

About the Author
Prof. Dr. Klaus Richter received his PhD in 1969 at the Physics Institute at the University of Basle (Switzerland). In the year 1970 he became the leader of a laboratory "Colour Reproduction" at the Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing (BAM) in Berlin. At the Technical University in Berlin he got his formal admission as an academical lecturer (habilitation) in 1978 for the field of "Colorimetry". He gives lectures about "Colour, Colorimetry and Computer Graphics" at the section Lighting Technology at the faculty "Electrotechnic and Informatics" at the Berlin University of Technology (TUB). Between 1975 and 2003 he was vice president of "Deutsches Farbenzentrum e. V. (German Colour Center)". In the BAM he was head of the Working Group VIII.34 "Visual Methods and Image Reproduction" until 2006. Since 1999 he is editor of different standards and technical reports of ISO/IEC, CIE, CEN and DIN.

About the Book
Knowledge about colour is of special interest in the area of quality specification, colour reproduction and colour communication. There is a trend to describe colours in pictures and in document by device independent ISO-CIE colours and to communicate with this colours world wide by the programming language PostScript (PS). ISO-CIE-test colours and colours of the CIELAB colour order system are mixed on colour displays and colour printers with appropriate basic colours. The reproduction quality can be defined by colour measurement.

The book and the picture text is in the Adobe formats PS and PDF on a CD ROM. Every book page and any of the 500 colour pictures for educational purposes can be printed by high accuracy on 330 PostScript devices of 60 manufacturers and on other devices with lower accuracy. Look at the book from page to page. Many searches are possible with "Adobe Acrobat Reader" which is on the CD ROM.

Any picture with decriptions in German is on the CD-ROM and in addition in English and German in the internet, see for example NE

Interest Group
Technicians, scientists and designers of colour related areas which produce colour products and specifiy the quality by colour measurement. Teachers, students of colleges about colour receive important picture material designed for output on A4 overhead film with black and white or colour printers of for the image presentation with data projectors. The PS images can be changed and modified by many users with only little knowledge about PostScript by using any editor.

Order of the special book at a price of 20 EURO (remaining books instead of 61 EURO).

Shipment by the book author Klaus Richter. Send an email with the name, the shipment adress, and the remark "Order of Book Computergrafik" to


Price including tax and including shipment: 20 EURO

The shipment includes an invoice and the tax number.

Book and pictures of the author Klaus Richter in the internet After sold out of all book samples by the VDE-Verlag, Berlin, the copyright was given back to the author Klaus Richter. With the presentation of the book and the figures for colour education in the internet (format A5) the text and the figures can be read and printed. However, many readers may prefer to use the printed version of this special book with more than 500 colour figures and may order this book (for order see point 1 or 2). Special book Klaus Richter "Computergrafik und Farbmetrik" (288 pages, 2,6 MB, A5, in German)

Annex 1: 49 series, which include 548 colour figures (49 pages, 2,2 MB, A5, in German)

Annex 2: 548 colour figures separate (548 pages, 3,4 MB, A5, in German)

Colour book and all colour figures as series and separate starting at page 289 (885 pages, 8,7 MB, A5, in German)
For the figure series and the separate figures with english text see for example NE


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